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January 19
Repro Supaman

From traces the story of the Kingdom of Bataguh can be found also die from ironwood-shaped rectangle. Dadu is now owned by a head of RT in the region Handel Alai. In the photo looks dice along the rocks and tin bracelets.

Dice adds to our knowledge that sejkak ancient royal society permainkan Bataguh already playing dice. But the eyes that looked carved dice is 1-4 and not until 6 eyes like the eyes dice normally.

The entry in the Kingdom Bataguh dice game can not be disclosed since when. But the similarity in shape, the dice game, even though their eyes are not as modern as six dice in other regions such as China and Egypt since 600 BC, even 2000 BC, the kingdom seems Bataguh already have an extensive relationship with the kingdom outside the region.

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