Natural and cultural potential of a major capital development of tourism in Kapuas district. This fact has been going on for this day and will continue to increase the future. Even for the year 2012, the Kapuas district plans to reserved it as the Visit Indonesia Year or Visit Kapuas.

For the program, the Department of Youth, Sports, Culture and Tourism (Disporabudpar) Kapuas District on January 11, 2011 is scheduled to perform exposure to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Indonesia in Jakarta.

Some things you also want to be submitted later are related to the redesign Telo Island. “With the natural and cultural potential that is owned, Kapuas district is ready to declare the year excursions 2012. Stay polish it so that in the time available (estimated) enough to fix all that is needed, “said Head of Disporabudpar Kapuas District, Edy Lukman, on Thursday (09/12/2010).

In addition to natural attractions Pulau Telo, another potential offered in the course of this visit among other tourist attractions on the Betang Sungai Pasah, Sub District Kapuashilir. This remembering, rebuilding houses betang has begun work on in 2011.

Pulau Telo development plan as a tourist area before starting any signs materialized after a consortium of companies from Malaysia expressed interest in running the island. Although the feasibility study so far has not been carried out by the prospective investors, Edy said they were optimistic the program redesign over the island will attract foreign and domestic tourists.

In its history, plans to develop the island was once stuck in the era of 1996 when the program PLG 1 million hectares of peat land development carried out. Even when the PT Sumatra Timur Indonesia (STI) from Jakarta, the construction of footbridge at one of the islands in question, but the program is halted when the economic crisis and in 1999 PLG discontinued.

Geographically, the area that is now divided into four island located not far from the capital of the Kapuas (so) are easily approached by means of water transport. While the bridge of Pulau Telo that divides the trans Kalimantan on Kapuas River, Pulau Telo can be seen (clearly). And discourse Pulau Telo as a place to make this tour have re-emerged in 2002 and 2005.

“If the previous Pulau Telo tourism development will be divided into four zones, namely zone of recreation, the executive (in the form of lodging), bird parks as tourist attractions and water park, (it) will be added zones (for), culinary tourism,” said Edy

Contact Address: Department of Youth, Sports, Culture and Tourism Kapuas Regency, Jalan Ahmad Yani No. 25 Kuala Kapuas, Phone 0513-22360, Fax 0513-24357.

Posted by Shamsuddin Rudiannoor, S. Sos

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