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Kapuas Information, Tuesday, July 20, 2010 writing of the existence of specialized institutions engaged in the rescue Borneo orang-utan. The agency is The Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOS).

This institution has branches in Kapuas, the address Jalan Melati Kuala Kapuas, telephone (0513) 21 396, e-mail:, and webb /
Department of Youth, Sports, Culture and Tourism of Kapuas Regency welcomed the Kapuas existence of this institution because their activities to the rescue and preservation of nature introspective (great apes) and it is  importance in the development of tourism for Kapuas future.
In the release they are known, the BOS program conducted in Kapuas is Mawas Conservation Program Area which covers two districts namely:

1. Kecamatan Mantangai
* Kalumpang
* Sei Ahas
* Katunjung
* Muroi
2. Kecamatan  Timpah
* Petak Puti
* Aruk
* Lawang Kajang

Based of   information from the official website of the above benefits can be felt from this program are:

* Helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the world;
* By direct increase awareness of the international community to save important species (orangutan);
* Significant positive impact on the economic life of communities around the area Mawas;
* Implement the Convention on Biological Diversity / Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), Agenda 21 (climate change, sustainable development bussiness. Etc.), the Convention on international trade in protected species (CITES), and the Ramsar Convention on wetlands protection;
* Provide opportunities for local government staff to get a scholarship (at home and abroad) by conducting research in the work area Mawas Conservation Program.

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