The development of the city of Kuala Kapuas as interesting, unique and distinctive, is showing encouraging signs. How could I not! Over the last two years, it is clear Kapuas developing in the direction the city is comfortable, at least by the growing public facilities in the form of town parks.
One of the town park which is quite interesting and comfortable is the park stadium located on the east side stadium Kuala Kapuas. This park is right in front of the General Hospital Kuala Kapuas and Kalteng Development Bank Branch Kuala Kapuas. With the presence of this park, the residents have a relaxing place that is sufficiently representative.
Indeed Kuala Kapuas already has some good parks. And the future of this town will also have other parks because some locations are planned for construction. What is certain is expected to grow Kuala Kapuas advancing towards the city of character, interesting, unique and comfortable.
In addition to preparing the town parks, Kuala Kapuas is also expected to prepare urban forests and water catchment areas as a natural feature of Kuala Kapuas is watery forests. If the potential of this base can be managed in particular it did not rule Kuala Kapuas will be able to tour the city in accordance with the motto: KOTA AIR (WATER TOWN).



Written and posted by Syamsuddin Rudiannoor, S. Sos

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  1. Very good work. I hope this blog will consistently provide articles about Kapuas district

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