SAVE ORANGUTAN KAPUAS! July 10, 2010 at 18:26 lowering the news: “An Orangutan from Kapuas Almost smuggled.”
Based on these news from Pangkalan Bun, “orangutan smuggling attempt foiled by officers of Natural Resources Conservation Agency Region II, Pangkalan Bun, Central Kalimantan, on Saturday (10 / 7). Primates are protected by the government is rescued shortly before the ship transported to the Island Java.
Roy, that’s a five-year-old male orangutan who want smuggled. This morning, these rare animals seized from the hands of smugglers in the port of Kumai. Primates from the Kapuas district was taken by car. Although still look healthy, based on examination, these orangutans experience stress. Roy was soon transferred to the Central Quarantine Orangutan, for further treatment.

So far two suspects be examined at the Office of BKSDA Pangkalan Bun. If convicted, the perpetrators could face a maximum five years in prison and fined Rp 100 million. (OMI / ANS)




Until now orangutans in the forest is still quite a lot of Kapuas district. Rescue efforts had been and continue to be performed. The problem, which kept forests encroached and control over the weak protection of protected wildlife, much less lead the free life of orangutans increasingly vulnerable. Species endemic to Borneo will continue its existence threatened. Therefore this Kapuas district already requires special reserve forest area that has strong legal powers to protect orangutans and the like.

Areas in Kapuas district which until now has orangutans and has a track odyssey to Madara (South Barito district) are the forests in the region and around the former Dadahup Peatland Project (PLG) A million hectares.


One of the Kapuas efforts that need to be appreciated is the founding pillar of Kuala Kapuas roundabout on one side featuring a statue of orangutans and their habitat. Hopefully through roundabouts Kapuas district of this city then able to prepare the real habitat of orangutans and other endangered species.

Written and posted by Syamsuddin Rudiannoor, S. Sos.

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