From the Wikipedia Simple Indonesian, apes or monkeys were divided into the scientific classification as follows:

Scientific classification Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: mammals Order: Primates Upaordo: Haplorrhini Parvordo: Catarrhini Superfamily: Hominoidea Gray, 1825
Familia Hylobatidae Hominidae † Proconsulidae † Dryopithecidae † Oreopithecidae
Thus, the monkey is a member of the order Primates superfamilia Hominoidea.
In the current taxonomic system there are two familia hominoids:

* Familia Hylobatidae consists of 4 genera and 12 species of gibbons, including the Lar Gibbon and Siamang

* Family Hominidae consisting of orangutans, gorillas, chimpanzees, and humans

Many species of apes currently has the status of threatened because their habitat loss in tropical rain forests and hunting. Currently there are 8 genera are not yet extinct hominoids, namely

* Homo (human)
* Pan (chimpanzees)
* Gorillas
* Pongo (orangutans)
* Hylobates
* Hoolock
* Nomascus
* Symphalangus



On Saturday November 27, 2010 at 11:15 pm, I departed from Buntok (capital of South Barito regency) boat (water taxi) KM Rosita Agung. The ship departed for the purpose of Kuala Kapuas (Kapuas district capital).

Promptly at 6:05 pm Sunday November 28, 2010, the ship arrived and stopped at Port Company Kaboli, a position not far from the Pulau Petak Bridge, the city of Kuala Kapuas. Here the boat stopped to lower the passengers who want to continue the journey to the city of Palangkaraya because it was waiting for 2 (two) of taxi travel type Kijang Krista.
Stopover in the port Kaboli not just stop by and see the sights in the morning at the end of Kuala Kapuas. Apparently with ships in the harbor, making approaching a herd of monkeys as well, which accounted for 10 (ten). Very clearly these apes as a group made up of several adult macaque monkeys and three small. That is, there are wild monkeys that live freely in the city of Kuala Kapuas. Apparently these apes herd approaching when no ship is docked, maybe they expect food from the ships coming.


Monkeys were running free on barges Kaboli Company. I thought, if only this kind of atmosphere can be managed, did not rule Kaboli barge to be a place to feed (feeding place) for wild animals that still roam free. Was not this an interesting attraction on the banks of the Kapuas river? And is not the location of the barge Kaboli that only a few meters from the bridge of Pulau Petak, Kuala Kapuas, it is possible effort as a tourist attraction city of Kuala Kapuas in the future?



Written and posted by Syamsuddin Rudiannoor, S. Sos

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