Posted on February 15, 2011 by disporabudparkapuas

Kapuas district  government again received a visit of Indonesia-Canada Youth Exchange (PPIK). As where a visit in 2010, visit this 2011 Department of Youth, Sports, Culture and Tourism as the technical agency welcomes tourists visiting the youth of both countries.

The Indonesia-Canada youth exchange team arrived in Kuala Kapuas on Wednesday afternoon (9 / 2), consisting of 7 young Canadian and 9 Indonesian young man who came from Papua Province, Central Kalimantan, Gorontalo, Yogyakarta, East Java , Bengkulu, Riau, Jakarta and East Nusa Tenggara. Arrival entourage was greeted immediately by the Head of Department of Youth, Sport, culture and tourism Kapuas Regency, Drs. Hakim Lukman Edy, MM.

During the visit in Kapuas regency planned 3 days, the group stayed in the small city of Kuala Kapuas. They are scheduled to visit the objects and attractions of Kuala Kapuas, among other tourist villages Dahirang to witness the process of making latex “nyatu” crafts and wicker crafts center. Besides, the group also undertakes other activities including attending a convivial evening with the Government of Kapuas district.

For which is understandable, the central activities of Indonesia-Canada Youth Exchange 2011 in the province of Central Kalimantan is in the village of Sei Gohong, Bukit Batu subdistrict, Palangkaraya. Their arrival into the Kapuas district is within the framework of the program mid excursions. While in Kuala Kapuas these youths are expected to know better the peculiarities of cultural and tourism district of Kapuas especially Kuala Kapuas tourism.

For the implementation of the Indonesia-Canada Youth Exchange in 2012, Kapuas offered by the Government of Central Kalimantan province as a center for youth exchanges if there is willingness. Thus, given the Kapuas district as a center of activity PPIK opportunities in the years before.

In the first day of their visit in the city of Kuala Kapuas, the youth PPIK hosted lunch at the floating cafe of Kuala Kapuas.

Text and photos by Syamsuddin Rudiannoor, S. Sos

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