e-Paper “BANJARMASINPOST” – Thursday, February 17, 2011, preaching the achievements attained Kapuas. “ACHIEVEMENT boast inscribed Kapuas adolescents at the national level. This is after one dance studio that is sent, successfully won the first best in a contemporary dance contest in Kutai Kartanegara, East Kalimantan.”

In Lanjong Art Festival 2011, held on 5-13 February 2011 Kapuas District, represented by Studio Dance “Riak Nyalong” successfully won two championships, the best contemporary dance and the best of fashion and artist makeup.  Assessment of this event is held tight and direct international jury, consisting of Rianto (Jakarta), Natsuki Hayashi (Japan), Legette Nicole (Chicago, USA), and Setyaningsih Mubarak (Jogjakarta).

“Performance Dance Studio Riak Nyalong could amaze thousands of spectators who were present at the time, including the jurors who make judgments,” said Chairman of  Riak Nyalong Mr. Ragus Rumbang.

Oval Art Festival is an annual event that has entered the second year. Activities held in Building Aulia Sport, Tenggarong,  East Kalimantan.

To provide encouragement, dance studio that often follow a similar event was directly witnessed by the Chairwoman of TP PKK Kapuas who also coaches ripple Riak Nyalong Dance Studio, Hj Aliyah Mawardi.

In appearance, Riak Nyalong dance show titled “Luntung Batuah”. The dancers are young men and women dance stylist Meironi and Agus as fashion stylist.

Ragus mention, the dance that’s on the “Luntung Batuah” in Ngaju Dayak language means the same with lanjung (lanjong) in Banjar, which is a container made of woven rattan as the luggage. While the batuah means berezeki. Luntung made of woven rattan is given a decorative motif Kalteng. For the people of Central Kalimantan, luntung urgently needed, especially when going to the fields or leave the field.

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