MANISAN TERONG ASAM, Special Snack from Kuala Kapuas

Text and fotos by Syamsuddin Rudiannoor, S. Sos

Based on information from Agricultural Product Processing Section at the Department of Agriculture TPH Kapuas (Siti Fitriati, SP), Kapuas regency in 2011 it will introduce a new product of snack  from the Candied Eggplant (Terong Asam or Rimbang)  commonly called Manisan Terong Asam or Manisan Rimbang.

Eggplant (Dayak: Rimbang), also known as Hairy-fruited Eggplant (UK) or Ca bung (Vietnam) or Ma uk fed (Thailand) or Tarambulo / tabanburo (Philippines) or Mao Qie (China) is a plant of the Kingdom: Plantae, the Sub-kingdom: Tracheobionta, Family: Solanaceae and Species: Solanum Ferox L.

In the life of the Kalimantan Dayak community in general, use sour eggplant (asam rimbang) easily found in traditional dishes such as Sayur Asam, fish seasoning and serves as a giver of acid flavor.

Dayak acid or sour eggplant “Terong Asam” is also usually processed into sour eggplant sauce that has a distinctive flavor.

In the process, turned sour eggplant can also be sweet if the snacks with the form of the appetite, which is processed into Candied Eggplant acid.

In the processing of sour candied eggplants, which are used as raw material sour eggplant is a fruit that is ripe yellowish green, and which is processed flesh.

Its processing mode similar to candied processing in general, while for the red dye can be used Rosella syrup or sugar syrup fed regular food coloring in order to have an attractive color.


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