Posted on June 10, 2011 by disporabudparkapuas
Text and photos by Syamsuddin Rudiannoor, S. Sos

From the selection event of Pemilihan Putra Putri Pariwisata Kalteng (2011 Central Kalimantan Provincial Tourism Ambassador Contest) in  Palangkaraya, a view that is worthy of note is the display of evening gowns from each participant district.

In this event featuring participants daughter Kapuas regency, name  Risma Mutia Taat, and participants on behalf of son Muhammad Rajiv Akbar. Both contestants confidently bring night clothing with motifs Karamunting.

Is it Karamunting? Simple Language Banjar mention, Karamunting is a plant that is in the tribe of Melastomataceae is a member of flowering plants. We call it could have been Melastoma malabathricum or Rhodomyrtus tomentosa,  can also Melastoma Ochthocharis specific bornensis endemic Kalimantan.

Karamunting growing wild in a place that gets enough sunlight such as on the slopes of the mountain, bush or field that is not too dry.

These plants include shrubs group, single leaf, wake ellipse extending to oval, opposite leaves sitting crossed, hairy leaf surfaces when touched feels rough, base rounded leaves, leaf edges flat, tapered leaf tip. Flowers including compound interest reddish purple, edible fruit and has a small seed.

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