NENY KHURNAINI, Representative of Central Kalimantan for Putri Indonesia 2011

Posted on July 18, 2011 by disporabudparkapuas

The selection of Miss Indonesia 2011 for the Regional will be held in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan Province on 7 to 11 September 2011.

In the event finalist from Central Kalimantan represented 6 (six) participants, which one of them is Miss Neny Khurnaini.

Neny Khurnaini born in Jombang (East Java) on February 4, 1987. She graduated from preschool education in kindergartens Perwanida Palangkaraya, Elementary School SD Langkai 12 Palangkaraya and SMP Negeri 3 Jombang (2002). Next Neny over at the high school level education in SMA Telkom Darul Ulum Jombang (2005) and completed the study in STIKOM Surabaya in May 2010.

After graduating from STIKOM Surabaya, in the year 2010 was also Neny back to Palangkaraya and register as candidates for Civil Servants in the General Elections Commission (KPU) in Central Kalimantan Palangkaraya.

Good fortune indeed being her. Her application accepted as a public servant and as of 1 April 2011 Neny served as candidates for Civil Servants (CPNS) at the General Elections Commission (KPU) in Kuala Kapuas district.

In the audition 2011 for Miss Indonedia organized by Yayasan Putri Indonesia of Central Kalimantan Agency and Kalteng Pos, Neny was also elected with five other finalists from Central Kalimantan to compete at the regional level in Balikpapan in September.

Hopefully in actions taken and creativity possessed in the event the Electoral Putri Indonesia Neny can be a motivation for other youths in Central Kalimantan, especially living in Kapuas district.

Despite competing in the event 0f Miss Indonesia Competition, was determined to maintain NENY appearance by wearing hijab because her hijab is part of a personal right as a Muslim and wearing hijab is part of the unity in diversity of Indonesia.

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