Posted on July 19, 2011 by disporabudparkapuas

One of the unique of Kuala Kapuas as a water town or kota “AIR” is to continue to exist the public ships crossing the river of Kapuas Murung everyday.

Entrepreneurs who until now continues to operate the ferry ships at Kuala Kapuas is HIKMAH BERSAMA co.

Hikmah Bersama daily ferry service transport and wheeled vehicles since at 3:30 pm and dawn breaks late in the evening at 02.00 pm.

Joint Operational daily of ferry sustained three ships crossing and back which in turn take across divides the Kapuas Murung river.

Ferry is part of the uniqueness of the people transport in Kuala Kapuas so it is a separate point for a tourist attraction enrichment in Kapuas regency.

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