Kapuas Regency really have a region rich in flora and fauna typical of Borneo. One proof that wealth is a flock of free-living monkeys in the mangrove forests around Desa and Pantai Cemara Labat (Pine Beach), Kapuas Kuala district.

Of monitoring conducted found that the monkeys around the village and the beach of Cemara Labat totaling 3 groups and each group consisted of ten average monkeys.

Based on the Wikipedia, Free Encyclopedia, Monkey is a term for all members of the primates are not prosimia (“pre-monkeys” like lemurs and tarsiers), or apes, both living in the Old World and New World.

Until now 264 known monkey species that live in the world. Unlike apes, monkeys usually tailed and smaller. Monkeys are known to learn and use tools to help in getting food.

Grouping is parafiletik monkeys, because the Old World monkeys (Cercopithecoidea) is actually closer genetic kinship with the apes (Hominidae), rather than New World monkeys (Platyrrhini).

The monkeys in the mangrove forest at Cemara Labat Beach is a long-tailed monkeys in the community designation as WARIK (Macaca fascicularis).

Long-tailed monkeys has been utilized humans as pet animal or animals to help their daily work. Long-tailed monkeys (Macaca fascicularis) is the most common animals interact with humans and is often maintained, used as a circus animal or laboratory experiments. He is also the first primate ever to outer space.

With the still exist of  3 (three) herd of monkeys in the mangroves around the coast and the village of Cemara Labat the Kapuas Regency still has a flora and fauna that can be utilized as a tourist attraction as well as protected forest areas.


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