One of the unique surrounding Cemara Labat beach in Kapuas Kuala district is an open field or a wild prairie.

Open desert terrain of this area lies between the coastal mangrove forest fir Cemara Labat Beach or Cemara Labat village. Between the beach and pasture land are separated by a dike that ran partition between them.

Vast grassland is partly used by local farmers to farm while mostly still a vast expanse of grass stretches.

Agricultural yields obtained by farmers after the use of the vast expanse of open beach Cemara Labat is cassava, maize, cassava, sweet potato, eggplant, chilies, beans and vegetables. And at certain seasons also produced watermelons, waluh, cucumber and other agricultural crops.

The main characteristics in the meadows Cemara Labat is the utilization of humus and litter the sea brought the Java sea waves so that farming here at all without any fertilizer.

Pantai Cemara Labat’s prairie inhabited by various species of butterflies, especially the butterflies in the black, brown, yellow and white.

This area is also inhabited by mongoose, monitor lizards, small birds and snakes sucking flower meadow. That most of this is found in the desert locust.

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